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Collect, evaluate, and share your content easily and efficiently with cOASIS Abstract Management Software.

Abstract Management & Session Submission

Benefit from 10,000 available configuration options to set up your abstract and session submission process the way you envision it, without the need for customization or development.


Abstracts play a vital role in scientific conferences, events, and academic research. Thanks to cOASIS abstract submission platform, authors can effortlessly submit their abstracts from anywhere in a few clicks. This eliminates the need for paper submissions and ensures a standardized format for easier processing. The software also includes validation and error-checking mechanisms to ensure accurate and complete submissions, reducing the chances of missing or incorrect information.

With a proven capacity of 20,000 submissions for one meeting, cOASIS abstract management software offers configurable submission forms that can handle tables, graphics, images, and special characters. This abstract management system is designed to adjust to your workflow requirements, allowing for required fields and whatever guidelines you set for structure, number of characters, and file size.

Video Abstracts

If your submission requires video abstracts, we have you covered. cOASIS abstract management system offers options to limit the file types and file size users can submit, based on your workflow requirements. What’s more, video abstracts can be reviewed as easily as any other submission type.

Session Proposals

The abstract management system can be used to collect suggested sessions as well as fully structured sessions. cOASIS submission management software supports proposals for entire sessions, including moderators, session details, and suggestions for individual speakers and presentations. It features a step-based approach with highly configurable data collection screens to identify other society cosponsors or transdisciplinary themes.

Media Files

Do your speakers have to submit multiple media files? No problem! cOASIS abstract management software can handle PPT, PPTX, MP3, MP4, JPEG, and many more file types.

Abstract Management & Session Review

CTI’s software facilitates the assignment of abstracts to reviewers or committee members, to allow a fair and efficient review process. Reviewers can access the submitted abstracts from the reviewer dashboard, score them, and offer comments and feedback.

cOASIS’ flexible review module offers your reviewers a simple and comprehensive workspace. The platform handles multiple rounds of review, automated assignments, and blind-review options alongside with configurable scoring, conflict checking, and scoring reports. This collaborative approach improves the quality of reviews and ensures that each abstract receives adequate attention.

The cOASIS review module is consistently praised by peer reviewers.

& Program Management

Make the most of your time. Notify your speakers, reviewers, and committee members with one click. Build and manage your program at the drop of a hat.

Our platform lets you send trackable notifications in bulk to collect confirmations, additional information about presenters and presentations, and uploaded files. Automated email notifications and reminders keep authors and reviewers informed throughout the abstract management process. The software also offers tools to streamline the selection process, by automating acceptance or rejection notifications to authors, providing updates and reducing manual tasks.

When it comes to planning, cOASIS’ online scheduling tools and reports will make your event staff’s lives easier. A color-coded, drag-and-drop session scheduler allows staff to efficiently schedule and edit sessions, giving them a visual overview of the program. The abstract management module seamlessly integrates with program management software to ensure that the overall program is aligned and has the right flow to maintain attendee attention throughout the meeting.

Your scientific committee or volunteers can take advantage of cOASIS’ session-builder tool enables them to view and edit sessions, slot abstracts, and invite speakers based on your rules and permissions.

Session building

Program Planner & Itinerary Builder

Multi-step Notifications

Reporting & Statistics

Keep control of your data with our abstract management software. Get detailed meeting statistics and pull reports on any of your collected data.

Dashboards for all Meeting Components

Build charts and tables to quickly visualize critical metrics in content development and management.

Multiple View Options

Our easy-to-use tool can pull reports on any data field collected in the system.

Segmented Results

Order, filter, sort and group event data based on your requirements.

Custom Reports

View, save, and export your reports in multiple file formats, including Word, Excel, CSV, and HTML.


The Benefits of CTI’s Abstract Management Software

Implementing our abstract management software bring numerous advantages to both authors and organizers:

Streamlined Workflow and Efficiency

Authors benefit from a simplified abstract submission process, reducing the time and effort required to submit their work, as everything is done from a single platform. Meanwhile, organizers also manage and track the abstract from the platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Accessible and User-Friendly

Our abstract management platform is designed to be user-friendly for authors, reviewers and staff. It provides an intuitive interface, clear instructions, and useful tools, making it easier for participants to navigate and utilize the software effectively.

Time and Resource Savings

Switching from paper-based processes to a digital environment significantly reduces manual administrative tasks and costs, while also allowing organizers to focus on higher-value activities.

Customization and Flexibility

The software allows organizers to tailor the system to their specific event requirements to ensure the specific needs and goals of each conference and organization.

Data Security and Privacy

At CTI, we know that ensuring that your meeting data is secure is crucial for a successful experience. We have implemented a robust security system to protect sensitive data and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all meeting information.

High Scalability

cOASIS‘ abstract management software is highly scalable and can accommodate meetings of various sizes, from small symposiums to large international conferences. Moreover, it easily adapts to the evolving needs of organizers as their events grow, allowing for seamless scalability.

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