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Monitor Your Presentation’s Status With Presentation Management Software

Do you want one easy-to-use system for collecting, managing, distributing, and capturing your presentations for your virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings? If you do, keep reading. With cOASIS, you can quickly and easily manage all presentation files on a single platform. Monitor the status of the presentations, add missing flags where needed, and check all files to ensure everything is uploaded in the right format through our presentation manager software.

The Challenges of Presentation Management

Managing presentations manually presents significant challenges. Keeping track of multiple versions, ensuring consistency in branding and formatting, organizing a large number of presentations, and distributing them efficiently can quickly an overwhelming task. CTI has come up with the perfect solution for organizers and submitters: an efficient and reliable presentation management software.

Furthermore, without a dedicated system to review presentation content, this process becomes challenging, ultimately leading to confusion and potential human errors. Additionally, organizing presentations in a way that allows easy retrieval and distribution can be very complex. cOASIS presentation management software automates this whole process to help organizers save time and avoid mistakes.

Using Presentation Management Software

Effective presentation management is crucial in scientific conferences, meetings, and educational settings. Our Presentation Management Software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire presentation process, including submission, review, and distribution.

CTI’s Presentation Management Software revolutionizes the way presentations are managed, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for presenters and event organizers. We offer a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline the whole presentation management process for both organizers and presenters.

Best Presentation Management Software for Recording Your Presentations

Your presenters can upload and edit their presentation materials from any location before the meeting, or directly from the speaker-ready room at the congress. All presentation and session content streamed is captured and stored in a searchable cloud library. The cOASIS presentation management software is now used to collect, manage, distribute, and record over 150,000 presentations per year.

Best Presentation Management Software with an Easy Roadmap

cOASIS helps you to reach out to your presenters anytime, anywhere with its easy-to-use cloud-based system. You can reach your files from anywhere in the world, keeping you equipped with the necessary tools or information. Our state-of-the-art software makes your presentation workflow easy.

How Can cOASIS Help You?


Fully integrated

The presentation management module is fully integrated with the Abstract & Program Management module, the ePoster management module, and the virtual & hybrid platform, allowing you to manage your content from the same admin interface.

access management

Login & security

cOASIS offers a safe and compliant platform for speakers to access their presentations.


Self-service options

cOASIS’ simple and intuitive tools help you manage sessions and presentations. From here, you can edit speakers, time slots, presentation titles, and so much more.


Make the most out of your time by using cOASIS tools for event cloning, bulk personalized emails, templates for terms and conditions, etc


How can cOASIS Help You?

Fully integrated

The presentation management module is fully integrated with the abstract and program management module, the ePoster management module, and the virtual platform, allowing you to manage your content from the same admin interface.

Login & Security

cOASIS offers a safe and compliant platform for speakers to access their presentations.


Make the most out of your time by using cOASIS tools for event cloning, bulk personalized emails, templates for terms and conditions, etc.

Self-service options

For clients who prefer to self-manage their ePosters, they can take advantage of our simple and intuitive administrative interface. Furthermore, CTI’s technical support is available at all times while specialized training can also be offered.

Centralized and Organized Presentation Repository

CTI’s Presentation Management Software provides a centralized repository for presentations, ensuring easy access for presenters and attendees. Presenters can quickly find and access their presentations, eliminating the hassle of searching through various folders and devices. It also eliminates duplicate and outdated versions of presentations, maintaining data integrity and consistency.

Efficient Version Control

Presenters or submitters can easily access their presentations through the platform, enabling them to view, edit, or even delete them. Whenever the presenter makes a change, the latest version of the file saves and it’s the only one that will show for attendees later. Giving presenters the autonomy to access and edit their own files help organizers save precious time and allow them to make real-time changes to their presentations from anywhere.

Seamless Distribution and Accessibility

Our Presentation Management Software streamlines the distribution of presentations and enables attendees to access them through the platform. Presentations are accessible across different devices and locations, enabling attendees to access materials at their convenience and promoting engagement.

Insights and Data-driven Decision Making

The analytics and engagement metrics provided by CTI’s Presentation Management Software offer valuable insights into presentation performance. Presenters and organizers can evaluate the effectiveness of the topics presented, identify areas of interest, and make data-driven decisions to enhance future conferences.

Key Features

Simplify and enhance the presentation management process with our software.

Presentation Creation and Editing

Our Presentation Management Software allows submitters to edit and reupload files as many times as needed. The platform supports several file types and allows presenters to submit easily directly from the Portal.

Centralized Presentation Storage

CTI’s software offers secure, cloud-based storage for centralized access to presentations. This solution ensures that the latest versions of presentations are readily available to presenters and authorized users during and after the meeting.

Content & Filters

Our presentation management software enables advanced search and filtering options, making it easier to retrieve specific presentations based on specific criteria. Users can quickly find the presentations they need, which improves the overall experience beyond the conference itself.

Presentation Distribution and Sharing

Our software provides seamless sharing and distribution options for presentations as well. Presenters can easily share presentations with the intended audience, and restrict them or set up an embargo date. Customizable access controls and
permissions ensure that presentations are shared securely and only with authorized users.

Analytics and Engagement Tracking

cOASIS Presentation Management Software offers analytics and engagement tracking capabilities. It allows presenters and administrators to track views and engagement metrics for presentations. These insights help evaluate presentation performance, identify popular content, and make data-driven decisions to improve future presentations and meetings.

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