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Collect, manage, and publish your program easily and efficiently with the cOASIS Program Management Software.

Program Management Software Makes Staff’s Life Easier

With cOASIS Program Management Software Your Staff Can


Track abstracts and other roles and assign them to sessions.


Assign sessions to particular time slots and rooms.


Schedule invited speakers, committee meetings and other events.

Detect Conflicts

Detect scheduling conflicts automatically.

Pull Reports

Pull detailed reports on duplicate presenters, session status, etc.

Search & Filter

Search, filter, drag and drop unscheduled sessions for a visual program overview.

Notify Speakers

Include personalized scheduling information in notices to speakers.

Select Output

Output scheduling information in the form of the finished program.

Manage Logistic

Manage the logistic requirements for your sessions.

Program Management Software

Relying on manual processes, spreadsheets, and disconnected tools for program management can be error-prone and time-consuming. It becomes challenging to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, coordinate activities, and track progress across multiple projects. Our Presentation Management system allows organizers to manage the meeting agenda from start to finish through the digital platform.

Allow your scientific committee or volunteers to build the program directly from the platform with a few clicks.

The Key Features

Simplify and enhance the program management process with these powerful features.

Resource Allocation and Management

The system facilitates capacity planning and resource allocation, ensuring optimal utilization of resources across the program. Organizers can track and monitor resource availability and utilization, and quickly identify any issues with the overall schedule. The Calendar View in cOASIS is a particularly helpful tool to spot them, so there is no need to spend time manually on this task!

Schedule and Timeline Management

Once the sessions are scheduled, the program is automatically generated. Meeting planners can use the List or Calendar views to organize the sessions in the most optimal way to utilize resources and ensure the good flow of the conference. For example, schedule more content-heavy sessions early in the morning, and discussions or panels after lunch, when attendees are more tired. Thanks to this feature, organizers can have an overview of the timeline and easily make the changes necessary to ensure the success of the conference.

Easy to Share

There is no need to create a separate conference program to share with attendees and speakers. Our program management software allows organizers to seamlessly embed it in any website and make it accessible for all authorized users.

Effective Reporting

Our program management software enables meeting planners to pull detailed reports directly from the platform. You can check session status or identify duplicate presenters and make any necessary changes before the actual meeting.

The Best Tool for Program Management

Enhanced Program Planning and Execution

Our Program Management solution provides a clear structure and framework for effective program planning. With a centralized platform, program managers can manage the conference timeline, detect conflicts automatically, and schedule sessions efficiently to guarantee the success of the meeting.

Improved Resource Management and Allocation

Make the most out of your resources with our system! Organizers can gain real-time visibility into resource availability, conflicts, and utilization, ensuring that resources are effectively allocated and utilized across the program.

You want a fully branded, user friendly, content focused program?

Automatically generated once sessions have been scheduled

One step ahead by recommending attendees content of interest

Fully branded

Embed in any website

Integrated with mobile apps

Responsive and mobile friendly

Ease Your Attendee’s Content Accessibility with Program Management Software

With cOASIS your attendees can:

Choose among a list or a calendar view

Search and filter by custom fields

View results based on registration code

Get recommendations based on the content of interest

Expand or hide abstracts

View presentation descriptions

Build their own itinerary

Add personal meetings and notes

Submit evaluations and claim credits


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