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cOASIS Review Software gives your staff full control of the entire review process and your reviewers a simple and intuitive workspace.

Why Use a Review Management Software

Effective review management is vital for ensuring the overall quality of your meeting content. Our Review Management Software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the entire review process, from submission to review.

Manually assigning and managing reviews can be time-consuming and error-prone. Reviewers often struggle with tracking, organizing, and analyzing reviews efficiently, resulting in delays, miscommunication, and potential oversights. On top of that, coordinating reviewers and managing the review process become increasingly complex with larger volumes of submissions.

Without a dedicated system, it is challenging to track the progress of reviews, ensure timely completion, and maintain clear communication among reviewers, authors, and administrators. Additionally, organizing and analyzing review data can be burdensome and hinder efficient decision-making.

Review Management Software Allows Custom Configuration

Set different review types

Define the number of review rounds

Establish your own review criteria and scoring options

Choose between blinded review and automatic reviewer assignment

Limit the number of submissions assigned

Create a branded reviewer portal

Easily Monitor Reviewers’ Data with Review Management Software

Bulk assign and notify reviewers in the blink of an eye.


Filter and view by reviewer name or type, completion status, score, submissions assigned, and other advanced filters.


Individually access reviewer details to unassign or assign records to other reviewers.

Quick Overview

Get a quick overview of the reviewer demographics through at-a-glance statistics and charts.


Pull detailed reports to easily analyze and edit reviewer data.

Bulk Assign

Save time by bulk assigning reviewers based on reviewer type and category.


Send personalized notifications and reminders in bulk

Quickly Check

Quickly check if your reviewers have viewed or completed your notifications.

Expiration Dates

Set expiration dates to your notifications and easily unassign reviewers that have not completed their tasks.

The Only Review System You Need

Simplify the review management process with these key functionalities:

Review Submission and Tracking

CTI’s Review Management Software provides an online submission platform that reviewers can easily access to submit their reviews. The software automates the tracking and monitoring of review progress, allowing reviewers and administrators to easily track the status of reviews and ensure they get completed in time.

Reviewer Assignment and Management

Our software includes tools for assigning reviewers to submissions or tasks, simplifying management. Reviews can be assigned in bulk to experts in the relevant subject areas, and can be easily switched to a different reviewer if there is a conflict of interest. The best part is that organizers can do everything from the same platform!

Communication and Collaboration

The Review Management Software also offers a solution for effective communication betwen reviewers, authors, and administrators. Organizers can send notifications and campaigns through the digital platform to reviewers and authors, while reviewers can provide valuable feedbacks for authors by adding comments in the submissions. This supports seamless collaboration, reduces miscommunication, and improves the quality of reviews.

Review Analysis and Reporting

The system includes tools for analyzing and evaluating review data. It allows organizers to generate comprehensive reports and analytics, providing valuable insights for decision-making. Our Review Management Software enables administrators to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement based on the review data, which can prove very helpful for future meetings.

Reviewer Performance Tracking

Furthermore, CTI’s Review Management Software offers metrics for tracking reviewer performance and the quality of their reviews. Reviewers get an overview of the submissions reviewed and the scores for each of them, which ensures accuracy and fairness.

Ease Your Reviewers’ Life with Feature-Rich Review Management Software

Comment options

Conflict of interest

Score reports

Bulk online and offline reviews

Histogram scoring monitor for score consistency

Exchange bin option

Quick score option

Print assignments

Save Time for Organizers

Streamlined Review Process

CTI’s Review Management Software simplifies the submission and tracking of reviews for both reviewers and administrators. Our tools help automate workflows and notifications, ensuring a more efficient and fair review process. Reviewers can focus on the evaluation of submissions, while administrators can monitor and manage the progress of reviews easily from the same platform.

Enhanced Reviewer Assignment and Matching

Our Review Management Software also improves the process of matching reviewers to submissions based on their expertise and subject knowledge. This ensures that submissions receive fair and comprehensive evaluations from qualified reviewers, which leads to an overall more satisfactory meeting experience.

Efficient Communication and Collaboration

Our system provides a centralized platform for streamlined communication among reviewers, authors, and administrators. Organizers can have a better control of the review process by notifying authors and reviewers of important deadlines; and authors can get a better insight into their work thanks to the comments and feedback added by reviewers. This leads to more honest review outcomes and fosters a collaborative environment.

Data-driven Decision Making

The software allows administrators to access reviewer data, and pull detailed reports which enable data-driven decision-making. Organizers can identify patterns, trends, and aread for improvement, leading to a more successful meeting experience.

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