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Making Exhibitor Management Easy

Why Do You Need an Exhibitor Management System

The Key Features

Our exhibitor management software provides a wide range of features that simplify and streamline the exhibitor management process.


Our platform offers different ways to present content depending on the exhibitor/sponsor level. Static or rotating banners, as well as logos, can be displayed throughout your meeting site. Higher-level exhibitors can upload large banners for increased visibility. These banners can link to their sessions/satellite symposia, booth, or an external site. We track the impressions and clicks, which exhibitors and sponsors can later access and view through the self-service portal.

Booth Customization

Exhibitors can easily customize their digital booths according to their logo, corporate colors, and add relevant banners and links. Real-time updates ensure that exhibitors can make informed decisions while organizers maintain control over booth availability.

Logistics & Content

cOASIS Exhibitor Management Software provides tools for managing exhibitor logistics, including setup, communication features and interactivity tools. Exhibitors and sponsors can access the portal as well to upload their media content and links to their personal website or social media channels. Organizers can forget about these tasks and give exhibitors and sponsors the freedom that they seek to manage their own content!

Proactive Interaction

You can encourage active engagement by using our exhibitor chats for your 2D or 3D booth. Attendees can send their questions through the chat, even if the exhibitor is offline. Once the booth representative is back online, they can reply to the attendees individually. What’s more, panels can be shared with other booth reps who can send private messages to each other.

We also facilitate interaction and networking through our exhibitor booth:

1-1 video chat


E-mail / in-app messages

Text chat

Group video chat

Exhibitor Communication and Collaboration

CTI’s Exhibitor Management Software includes a centralized messaging system that facilitates efficient communication and collaboration between event organizers and exhibitors. Our software allows organizers to create templates and automate notifications with important information and deadlines, so no more time wasted on repetitive tasks!

Streamlined an Efficient Processes

cOASIS Exhibitor Management Software simplifies the exhibitor and sponsor management process, saving time and effort for both organizers and exhibitors. The user-friendly interface of the self-service portal enables exhibitors to manage their content easily on their own. Additionally, automated workflows and notifications ensure that all necessary steps are followed in time.

Improved Booth Customization

The platform allows exhibitors and sponsors to design their booths according to their needs, which is the perfect solution to help organizers save time and guarantee that your exhibitors will be happy with the results! Logos, banners, or links can be added according to exhibitor and sponsor status, allowing real-time updates if needed.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

The communication system in the Exhibitor Management Software provides a centralized platform for seamless communication between organizers and exhibitors. This tool facilitates sharing documents, updates, and important information efficiently, fostering collaboration and ensuring that all the parties are on the same page.

Relevant Analytics

Our software offers real-time analytics and tools that are relevant for both exhibitors and organizers. These can be easily accessed and imported from the virtual platform to review later.

Lead Generation Statistics

Tools for Sponsored Sessions/Symposia

Create an inclusive meeting environment and bring your audience together

Engagement tools

We know the most important part of these sessions is the content. cOASIS also offers relevant engagement tools for your scientific sessions and industry satellite symposia, such as chats and polls.

Analyze your attendees’ data

Polling is another great tool to engage the audience, allowing them to vote on the different topics being discussed. But it is also a powerful way to discover and analyze your attendees’ behavior and trends. Take advantage of the reports that you can download from the platform to improve future meetings!

Post-editing services

Additionally, you can benefit from our Webcast service. We record and edit your sessions, and convert them into video files that exhibitors can use for their own website, or they can be displayed on the virtual platform as on-demand content. Moreover, we provide post-editing services if you want to edit the video after it’s published!

Why Choose cOASIS Exhibitor Management Software?

The most complete tool for exhibitors and sponsors.

Increased visibility

Custom benefits

Custom booth design

Active Interaction and Engagement

Self-Service Tools & Analytics

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