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Bring your ePosters to another level with cOASIS ePoster Management Software

Why Use An ePoster Solution?

Digital posters – or ePosters – present several advantages over traditional printed posters, including the possibility to combine text, images, videos, and interactive elements to convey research findings. CTI’s ePoster Management Software allows submitters to easily upload and share their files with other participants, fostering collaboration.

Without a specific software, managing and organizing ePosters can be a daunting task. The high number of files, the need for standardized formats, and the requirement for effective reviewing and presentation systems bring several challenges. The ePoster Management Software addresses these challenges and offers a comprehensive solution for the seamless management of ePosters.

Benefit from the cOASIS unique features

To streamline the storage and presentation of ePosters, CTI’s ePoster Management Software provides a comprehensive solution that facilitates the entire process and brings multiple advantages to presenters and organizers

Fully integrated

The ePoster Management module is fully integrated with the Abstract and Program Management modules, the Presentation Management Software and the virtual and hybrid platform, allowing organizers to manage all the meeting content from the same admin interface.

Safe and Secure

For CTI, safety is the most important matter. With the highest security standards, cOASIS is fully GDPR-compliant ensuring physical security for servers and data security for processing.


cOASIS eposters are hosted in the AWS with a capacity that can ramp up for the largest conferences. No matter the size of the event, our software can easily support all the necessary files.

Self-service options

For clients that prefer to self-manage their ePosters, they can take advantage of our simple and intuitive administrative interface. Additionally, CTI’s technical support is available at all times to solve issues, while specialized training can also be offered.

Enhanced Visual Impact

Dynamic and interactive ePosters capture audience attention and leave a lasting impression, contributing positively to the overall meeting experience. The incorporation of media elements, such as images, videos, and interactive features, ensures that the information is memorable and processed more effectively. Also, participants can view ePosters of interest as many times as they want from the platform, maximizing the impact and reach of the meeting.

Streamlined Submission and Review Process

Authors and reviewers benefit from simplified ePoster submission and evaluation processes. Our software provides a user-friendly platform that ensures a standardized format, simplifies file management, and facilitates efficient collaboration between authors and reviewers. Organizers can centrally manage ePosters, streamlining the overall process and reducing manual and repetitive tasks.

Improved Accessibility and Reach

The ePoster Management Software makes ePosters available during and after the meeting, extending their impact beyond the conference itself. Remote participants can access ePosters online, enabling global reach and facilitating knowledge exchange among a diverse audience.

Sustainability and Cost Savings

By eliminating printing and shipping costs associated with traditional posters, the ePoster Management Software promotes sustainability while reducing event expenses. The reduction in paper waste and environmental impact also aligns with the growing focus on environmentally conscious practices that meeting planners should implement in every event.

Our Key Features

Simplify the submission, review, and presentation of ePosters with cOASIS’ reliable system.

ePoster Display and Presentation

ePosters are not only printed and visible at the conference, they can be accessed and viewed as well through the event platform for registered members. Integration with digital signage or presentation systems ensures seamless presentation experiences for presenters and viewers alike.

Submission and Review Process

Authors can easily upload their ePosters through the virtual platform. The ePoster management software guides the submitters through the process, which takes only a few minutes to complete. The system also includes review and evaluation features, enabling reviewers to provide feedback and assess the quality of the submissions. This solution streamlines the whole submission and evaluation process, saving time and effort for both authors and reviewers.

ePoster Creation and Design

Organizers can share intuitive tools and templates with participants to encourage authors to create visually appealing ePosters and enhance the impact of their work.

Collaboration and Communication

Reviewers can easily add comments and give feedback to authors through the platform to ensure that ePosters comply with the requirements before the meeting. Moreover, organizers can use the communication tools that the software offers to quickly inform participants about important information and deadlines.

Analytics and Reporting

ePoster management software provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Event organizers and presenters can track and analyze ePoster views, engagement metrics, and user interactions. These insights enable data-driven decision-making and help optimize the ePoster experience for future events.

eposter management software

Author profile pages

ePoster author names can link to author profile pages that show photos, biographical material, and author’s other presentations and roles at the meeting.

Rating & comments

Viewers can use stars to rate ePosters for subsequent viewers. A link is also available to comment directly to authors.

Embargo sensitive research

ePoster display can be delayed until a specific day and time to coordinate with other media release restrictions.

Cloud library for archives & eEducation

ePoster content lives on after the meeting in a searchable cloud library that can be monetized with sponsor logos and access fees.

Responsive design

All files convert automatically to HTML5 during upload, so ePosters can be viewed on multiple devices such as tablets, smartphones, PC and onsite terminals, and still display video or other animations.

Multiple files upload

The platform supports the upload of files with different formats. According to the client requirements, presenters can upload either one-page or multi-page PPTs or PDF files with audio and video tracks, or MP4 ePosters.

Interaction with attendees

Attendees can interact with the presenters via text chat and email. The cOASIS video chat tool can also be used for poster sessions in which presenters can discuss their research with colleagues and attendees.

Great exposure for your presenters

Making ePosters to be accessible after the event will increase the reach of your authors’ research. By including their name and important link on their bio, ePoster authors and their work benefit from great exposure.

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