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Manage, present, and host webinars in one end-to-end platform.

These past few years, webinars have gained significant popularity in the digital world as a means of connecting with audiences remotely. As an organizer, it is important to have a reliable software that allows you to reach your audience effectively and make the most out of this format.

CTI’s complete and reliable webinar solutions bring numerous benefits to both organizers and participants:

Wide Reach and Accessibility

CTI’s webinar solution allows organizers to reach a global audience without the limitations of a physical location. Participants can join webinars from different devices and locations, facilitating a greater accessibility.

Cost and Time Savings

Webinars eliminate the need for travel and venue expenses associated with in-person events. Organizers can save costs while reaching a larger audience. Participants also benefit from time efficiency as they can attend webinars from the comfort of their own locations, without the need for travel and logistics. Furthermore, CTI’s complete software allows organizers to manage the whole process without the need of multiple providers.

Engagement and Interactivity

Our webinar solution provides interactive features that foster participant engagement. Polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions encourage active participation and feedback. Real-time interaction through chat and messaging functionalities promotes collaboration, discussion, and a sense of community among participants, crucial for the success of any meeting!

Scalability and Flexibility

Our webinar solution also offers scalability to accommodate large numbers of participants, making it suitable for both small and large events. Organizers can host multiple webinars, allowing them to reach diverse audiences and cater to different topics and time zones. This flexibility enhances the overall webinar experience and encourages your attendees to return in the future!

Your Branding

Determine how you want the platform to look.

Banners & logos

Colors & graphics

Language & terminology

Engagement & Interaction Tools

Webinars are all about interaction. You want your participants to engage with the content and interact with speakers—and with each other. We have the tools to make it happen.

Chose from a variety of cOASIS interactive tools:

Moderated or unmoderated text chat



Live, Pre-recorded & On-demand Options

Do you want your webinar to be live, or would you prefer to pre-record your speakers and only have a live Q&A?

Or would you rather pre-record your speakers and make the webinar available on demand for participants? No matter your preference, we have you covered.



Pre-recorded & streamed live


Self-Production Options

Minimize costs with cOASIS’ self-production tools and features.

Detailed Analytics

With cOASIS’ detailed analytics you can capture, analyze, and report on every movement, click, and action taken by your participants.

Track results by attendee name

cOASIS analytics are based on registration ID. Each participant has a registration ID and (if allowed by the participant’s privacy settings) all their activity will be tied to their name.

Content consumption and pageviews

cOASIS analytics track not only page views, but also the amount of content consumed, an important feature when it comes to earning education credits.

Clicks and impressions

cOASIS analytics will show your most-viewed content and which content attracted more clicks.

Segmented Results

cOASIS analytics results can also be segmented by registration ID, membership, region, and more.

Support & Professional Production Options

Webinars involve more than talks and presentations. You need to guide your speakers through the system, monitor and moderate talks, record the webinar, and much more. We are here to help. Our project managers will take care of everything.

If you decide to appoint a professional production company, we are ready to bring in one of our AV partners, or work with your preferred AV provider. We are committed to making your webinar a success.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Finding sponsors and exhibitors isn’t easy in a virtual environment. With cOASIS you can give your sponsors and exhibitors the value and visibility they seek.

We provide a wealth of options: Branded waiting rooms, banners, logos, exhibitor booths, video chat, meeting bags, and lead-gen analytics are just some of the tools sponsors can benefit from.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

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