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AV solutions encompass a wide range of technologies and components that enable seamless audio and visual experiences. From projection systems to sound systems and video conferencing solutions, these tools are designed to elevate the quality and impact of communication and presentations. You have the latest AV technologies and we have the expertise to host successful virtual, hybrid, and on-site meetings.

At CTI, we understand the critical role of audiovisual (AV) solutions in enhancing communication and presentation experiences. In today’s digital era, AV solutions have become indispensable across various industries, especially serving as a key factor in sharing scientific knowledge.

We have long-term experience, a reliable presentation and ePoster management system for in-person meeting, and a robust integrated events platform for virtual and hybrid events. No matter the size and format of your meeting, cOASIS meeting technology solutions can ensure your participants, presenters, and sponsors are happy.

Together, we can create a complete solution that meets your needs and ensures successful and engaging meetings.

Our Integrated Solution

Organizers often face the common challenge of having to depend on multiple providers to manage their meeting content. At CTI, we understand the exhaustion that comes with this process and the various factors to consider while selecting providers for different aspects of the meeting. That’s why we offer an integrated solution, allowing organizers to efficiently manage all their content, including video, from a single, unified platform!

How Can We Help You

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, numerous considerations come into play, such as conference rooms, boardrooms, and meeting spaces. CTI’s comprehensive solutions support AV technologies, offering high-quality projectors, video conferencing systems, and immersive sound. This ensures seamless enhancement of presentations, video conferences, and training sessions.

Education Sector

AV solutions have revolutionized classrooms and lecture halls in the education sector. As online learning gains momentum, the need for efficient systems to handle large amounts of content in various formats becomes critical. With the cOASIS platform, we provide the perfect centralized and streamlined solution for managing educational content.

Event Industry

The event and entertainment industry heavily relies on AV solutions to deliver impactful experiences. Regardless of your event’s nature or format, CTI offers the perfect software solution that adapts to your specific needs and requirements, guaranteeing a successful meeting

We can help you with

Presentation and ePoster Management

Scalable and fully integrated with the Abstract & Program Management modules, CTI offers the most complete solution to manage large amounts of abstracts, ePosters, and presentations.

Virtual & hybrid platform

No matter the format and the size of your meeting, our software enables you to reach your audience effectively.

Abstract & program management

Manage all your meeting content and seamlessly design the program schedule directly from the virtual platform.

Virtual exhibition & sponsors

Give your exhibitors and sponsors the visibility and the value they seek with our complete meeting software solution.

Presentation management

Manage large amounts of presentations and easily communicate with presenters and speakers through cOASIS’ platform.

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