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Meeting planners shouldn’t have to rely on multiple partners to effectively manage their video and non-video content. CTI and Sonic Foundry’s Video Solutions group have partnered up to fix this issue with an integrated approach. In this webinar, panelists from CTI, Video Solutions, and CNTV will discuss the current and future situation of event content management and how integrated
Whether we like it or not the future of meetings is hybrid. Hybrid and virtual meetings are no longer considered a new era, but the new normal. But what do meeting organizers need to consider for hosting successful virtual and hybrid meetings? In this month’s webinar, we’re focusing on the hybrid and virtual meetings best practices to help you
Learn how you can use virtual and hybrid data to unlock new revenue, evaluate programming, and create goals for future events. During this month’s webinar we will be sharing: Trends in attendee engagement derived from a year of virtual meetings. Keys to engagement that separate virtual meetings with high consumption rates from those with low ones. The potential of

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