The Best FPS Games Of All Time


Best FPS Games PC Free


Best FPS Games PC FreeFirst person shooter games for PCs provide players and PC game fanatics with an adventure that is unlike any other in the gaming world. They are packed full of action and the story is usually directed at getting the players through the adventure in such a way they will be able to overcome challenges that are in their way while learning about their surroundings. The first person shooter games are also filled with surprise at every turn and no matter what approach you decide to use on the game, there will still be an opponent to take down. They are easy to play, just like the Troll Hunters 2 slot machine and many of them are designed to be played on your personal computer, provided that it meets the special requirements that are absolutely necessary in order to take the best PC with FPS games without getting up. Continue Reading…


The Best Shooters 2018


The Best Shooters 2018At home alone, idle and bored just because you have nothing to do? Shooting games have you covered. Shooting games apart from breaking the boredom can also play very vital roles in an individuals well being. Shooting games have the ability to enhance not only an individuals processing speed but also problem solving abilities.

Also, it can be used to improve an individuals capabilities to handle multiple tasks. Quite a huge number of that exist in the market that individual is tasked to choose from. Therefore, the player has to has information about the Best Shooters 2018 that satisfy their desires. Below is a summary of the best Shooters categorized as online or offline that a player can choose from. Continue Reading…


The Best War Games In The World

In the search for a video game that will keep you occupied and jump start your mind? Look no further, war games have it all in store for you. They have been uniquely designed in such manner that offers unforgettable experiences. People who have ever played war games have testified that indeed, war games are the best they have ever played. As a result, a well-compiled list of the best war games in the world has been specifically made for you to aid your experience only but the best in the world of video gaming industry.

The Medal of Honor

The Best War Games In The WorldThe Medal of Honor have made very creative innovations in their series. Some of them are;

1. War Fighter

War Fighter is specifically designed for those individuals that desire challenging tasks but in the process having fun. It is so far the best of the Medal Of Honor series with a fair and uniquely sculptured storyline that makes a gamers feel the game in their hearts. Especially the Halo Dubia feature. A person should consider buying this game since it is an all time favorite for many. Continue Reading…


New Upcoming FPS Games 2019


The First Person Shooter (FPS) game genre has gained a huge following since its inception. It gives the players an incomparable gaming perspective. Fans embraced FPS wholeheartedly.

This inspired the creation of awesome games. While some have held the throne for many years, new development companies have released titles that have fantastic effects. Here are the new upcoming fps games 2019.

Metro Exodus

New Upcoming FPS Games 2019This is a horror-action game from software development company 4A Games. Metro Exodus is a sequel for Metro: Last Light. This FPS game follows the life of Artyom. Fie decided to flee to the Far East in search of a brand new life.

During his journey, he meets creatures and human enemies. Fie also scavenges critical materials along the way. Metro Exodus happens over the length of 1 year. As a result, you can see the seasons changing in the surrounding environment. It will be released in February 22, 2019. Continue Reading…


Top 5 Free Online Gangster Games


In this technological era, one of the most popular pastime activities is video gaming. Ever since its inception, it has garnered a large following of ardent fans to which video games are part of their lifestyle. Video games are divided into many categories according to the mode of play, storyline, number of players and also the platform where it is played from. As such we have groups such as casino games, console games, fighter games, online games, adventure games, and action games.

All these games are designed to meet individual tastes and preferences of the players as well as the platform on disposal for them. The games can also be free or paid for, and as it is the norm, free games will attract more players. Without further ado, here are the top 5 free online gangster games that are guaranteed to up your thrill to the fullest.

Gangster Nation

Top 5 Free Online Gangster GamesIf there is any game which the name gangster fully describes it, then this will fit the bill. With great graphics and an excellent storyline to boot, this game will make the player fall in love with the virtual gangster world.
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How To Play Call Of Duty On PC

How To Play Call Of Duty On PCCall of duty basically refers to an action video game that involves first-person shooting. It can either be played on pc or even gaming consoles. If you like games with elements of risk, then online casino games are more suitable for you. Here they are arranged in order of rating! If you are a fan of call of duty and would like to play it on pc, there are a number of things you would need to put in consideration, such as; system requirements for the game as well as compatibility. Since this a large game, your computer also needs a large memory, such as 4-8gb of RAM as well as the latest graphics and Intel processor. Most of the controls are done by the mouse, and therefore your mouse pointer needs to be in the best condition. Continue Reading…