The Best FPS Games Of All Time


Best FPS Games PC Free


Best FPS Games PC FreeFirst person shooter games for PCs provide players and PC game fanatics with an adventure that is unlike any other in the gaming world. They are packed full of action and the story is usually directed at getting the players through the adventure in such a way they will be able to overcome challenges that are in their way while learning about their surroundings. The first person shooter games are also filled with surprise at every turn and no matter what approach you decide to use on the game, there will still be an opponent to take down. They are easy to play, just like the Troll Hunters 2 slot machine and many of them are designed to be played on your personal computer, provided that it meets the special requirements that are absolutely necessary in order to take the best PC with FPS games without getting up.

Best FPS Games for PC

First person shooter games for PC are in high availability and new players will often find themselves at a loss on what game to pick and what to leave. The games are varied in their nature and all of them belong to different genres. Flowever, the quality is something that you will notice to be a constant for all of them as they are all designed for PC environments and the game engine is able to support controls that are compatible with your personal computer at home.

In choosing the games for your own use, a couple of factors will be useful in not just guiding your decision, but also as a means of making out the differences between these games. Following are some of the best FPS games PC free editions that are readily available to use on your computer and try out the adventures that are embedded into the games.

Call of Duty

Call of DutyBased along a military adventure, this game for PC takes you on conquest deep into the desert with a team of experienced veterans to take on criminal and terror elements lurking in the harsh territory. Call of duty is high fidelity gaming that has everything at your disposal. It does not depreciate in the gaming experience and everything that you require for the venture is right within reach.

In many situations, getting through the levels require that you make actual, tangible kind of progress on the game and as you take down the challenges strewn in your path, earn points to open the levels ahead. The soundtrack is also quite interesting and the graphics are a caliber above the rest which is a sure indication of game engineers and producers that are worth their salt in up-to-standard gaming experiences for their players.

Equipping the gamer with an experience worth their time, call of duty for PC also takes them on a storyline that is totally different from what any other player would be delving into. This is with the intention of keeping the storyline as intact as possible and getting the players a gaming experience that they will love. It also holds useful clues along the way that act as guidelines and milestones for the much progress and conquest a player is making through the game. The adventure is also shareable on the internet with scoreboards and leaderboards showing how your fellow players are progressing on in the game.


Half-LifeFans of fiction will appreciate this game that has all the science imaginable. It is about a scientist in a laboratory and the adventure they experience in there. Getting to find a way out of the lab following a disaster is the main aim of the players and this game has all the additional features that make for a memorable experience. It brings science and fiction closer together, sparking that magic the players will be pleased to dive into. Half-Life is about science and the curious details it holds in store for the world and as a scientist in the game, there is much to discover and many inventions to find out. Built for PC the storytelling in this game is really immersive and this title from Valve wins the attention of many PC gaming fans.

In brief, these are the best FPS games for PC players can choose to spend their time and get on adventures worth trying. The storytelling in the games is well rehearsed and leaves nothing out of the picture. You are encouraged to try out any of the adventures and discover the hidden power of gaming that lies to be realized on your PC.