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How To Play Call Of Duty On PC

How To Play Call Of Duty On PCCall of duty basically refers to an action video game that involves first-person shooting. It can either be played on pc or even gaming consoles. If you like games with elements of risk, then online casino games are more suitable for you. Here they are arranged in order of rating! If you are a fan of call of duty and would like to play it on pc, there are a number of things you would need to put in consideration, such as; system requirements for the game as well as compatibility. Since this a large game, your computer also needs a large memory, such as 4-8gb of RAM as well as the latest graphics and Intel processor. Most of the controls are done by the mouse, and therefore your mouse pointer needs to be in the best condition.


Most people would prefer playing call of duty on gaming consoles, but it can also be played on pc. There’s an easy way that you can play call of duty on pc if you are a great fan of the game, as long as your system is well compatible. This article reviews how to play call of duty on pc. Playing this game on pc can be just as fun as playing on gaming consoles, as long as you have a gaming pc. Call of duty comes with a number of controls, items, as well as characters and levels, hence causing it to be pretty large.

How it Works

Playing call of duty for pc is very easy as long as you first get to know and understand the game. There are different types of guns/rifles that can be used and the better the rifle, the higher the kill. You need to be as swift as possible when shooting, such that you can easily be able to kill as many enemies before being shot. Choose the best-fit weapon: There are plenty of rifles in call of duty, but not all may be suitable to use. It is therefore very important to ensure you have a rifle that you can most comfortably use to shoot. A scoped rifle would be best for sniping to make accurate shots.

Learn how to make movement: Since enemies are not only located in one place, it is important to know how to make movements such that you can get to your targets. Getting to your enemies before they notice you also give you an advantage.

Aim for the head while making a shot:

Shooting your rival at the head makes a quicker kill as compared to other body parts where one can survive a shot. Learn how to use your maps: Maps are very important when it comes to missions as they point out important locations. They are mostly found on the top left or bottom right of your screen.

Do not camp and wait for your enemy:

It is easy to make multiple kills when you hunt for the enemy as compared to when your enemy gets to you. You can also opt to stay still when near enemy lines such that you are not easily spotted. Alternatively, you can choose to move with your team to ensure you are not exposed.

Opt for a higher kill ratio:

Having a higher kill ratio as compared to your enemies gives you a better advantage even in terms of scores. You will also be able to kill as many enemies as possible before getting killed. Health kits can also be obtained as you progress with the game, such that you can restore health.

Be as creative as possible:

A great game-play solely depends on creativity in terms of using the weapons, maps among other resources on your disposal as you play. It also enables you to avoid chances of getting killed.

Final Verdict

Call of duty is generally a favorite game for many, and playing it on PC is equally as fun as playing on a gaming console. It is however very important to ensure you consider all the factors required for a smooth game-play. Alternatively, you can also avoid playing the game for too long to avoid overheating your computer. This game can either be played by a single player or multi-player, which can be played when you are connected to the Internet. It would be best to consider a gaming machine for the most effective gameplay when it comes to playing Call of duty on PC.