FPS Games 2019

New Upcoming FPS Games 2019


The First Person Shooter (FPS) game genre has gained a huge following since its inception. It gives the players an incomparable gaming perspective. Fans embraced FPS wholeheartedly. 

This inspired the creation of awesome games. While some have held the throne for many years, new development companies have released titles that have fantastic effects. Here are the new upcoming fps games 2019.

Metro Exodus

New Upcoming FPS Games 2019

This is a horror-action game from software development company 4A Games. Metro Exodus is a sequel for Metro: Last Light. This FPS game follows the life of Artyom. Fie decided to flee to the Far East in search of a brand new life. 

During his journey, he meets creatures and human enemies. Fie also scavenges critical materials along the way. Metro Exodus happens over the length of 1 year. As a result, you can see the seasons changing in the surrounding environment. It will be released in February 22, 2019.