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The Best War Games In The World

In the search for a video game that will keep you occupied and jump start your mind? Look no further, war games have it all in store for you. They have been uniquely designed in such manner that offers unforgettable experiences. People who have ever played war games have testified that indeed, war games are the best they have ever played. As a result, a well-compiled list of the best war games in the world has been specifically made for you to aid your experience only but the best in the world of video gaming industry.

The Medal of Honor

The Best War Games In The WorldThe Medal of Honor have made very creative innovations in their series. Some of them are;

1. War Fighter

War Fighter is specifically designed for those individuals that desire challenging tasks but in the process having fun. It is so far the best of the Medal Of Honor series with a fair and uniquely sculptured storyline that makes a gamers feel the game in their hearts. Especially the Halo Dubia feature. A person should consider buying this game since it is an all time favorite for many.

2. Medal of Honor Frontline

Medal of Honor Frontline is designed to offer an unforgettable music experience that is soothing and nerve calming. It is a game that a player will love playing over and over again. For those aspiring for higher shooters should consider using the game to set their targets.

The Call Of Duty

The Call Of DutyThe Call Of Duty have undergone through major changes. The changes that have resulted some of their series being ranked top in the world. These are;

1.Modern Warfare II

You should consider trying the magical experience offered by the Modern Warfare II, one if the Call of Duty series. The game offers uniquely and interesting storyline that intends to move an individual to the world of fantasy. Its simple maps indeed makes it rank among the best war games to ever be witnessed in the history of war games. The game is fit for those individual who are in love with brutal and high voltage graphics.

2.BIack Ops II

Black Ops II is an interesting multiplayer war game of the Call Of Duty series. The game has been enhanced with very perfect graphics and unique classics that has resulted to a big campaign boost to the Call Of Duty brand. Do not forget the unique and amazing storyline that soothes the mind and leaves the gamer feeling fresh. The music so soothing that makes you forget all your troubles.

3. Advanced Warfare

Yet another mind blowing inventions by the Call Of Duty team that is similar to halo. It has a double jumping feature that offers a fantastic gaming experience that you will never let go. Advanced Warfare gives a player the fun that is needed especially the modern ammunition enhanced features. This feature provides an opportunity for a player to access the best of all ammunition that gives them an added advantage against enemies.

The Stars of Wars War Game

The Stars of Wars War Game has been in the news for all the good reasons that has resulted its series being ranked on top of the world like;

1 .The Force Unleashed II

The Force Unleashed II is amongst the cool inventions of the Stars of War series. Its magical experience with suburb graphics indeed makes it a game changer in the gaming industry. Usually, the best part of is seeing jed and sith enhanced with supernatural powers to battle droids and kill soldiers without mercy. The war game is indeed a blast that will make you want to play and play again.

2.War Thunder

The sweetness of a game is playing and wanting to play again and again. War Thunder promises to offer this experience and even more. It is so far the best intentions of World War II enhanced with unique tank and helicopter simulators. Consequently, the games offers a perfect and awesome soundtrack resulting to a very realistic experience.

3.Battle Front II

Battle Front II is yet another video game by the Stars Of War that is rocking the world. The game has been designed with many unique classes as well as maps. The game is almost similar to the call of duty series. The developer incorporated amazing and pro graphics resulting to an amazing diversity.


Battlefield is yet another game changer in the online video gaming industry that is here to stay. It has that magical strange storyline that makes a player want to dig dip and dip just to get to know what happens next. Battlefield gives that magnificent perspective of the 2nd world war. Consequently, its campaign as well as multiplayer mode can never be ignored. Each time you think about something that keeps you busy and ensures that you keep yourself occupied until you can not hear a voice calling, then try Battlefield.

The Age of Empires

The Age of Empires is indeed a real time product of the Ensemble studios. It allows a player to build playing stations from nothing to empires. The game is inspired by real time campaigns. Also, a player gets a chance to emulate an entirely new and unique dimensions, the end result being fun and more fun.

Therefore, the above summary sums up the best war games in the world. Therefore, it is upon the person with the desire to choose a mind-blowing game that specifically suits their needs. A search confined to the above list will undoubtedly bore fruits and you will never regret having consulted it.